Match Draw/Results
All Matches, Division 2
Team1 Team2 Round Date Grade Ground Type Winner
Pinner 2nd XI 172/10 Knotty Green CC - 136/6 5 02-Jun-2018 DIV2 Pinner 1inn Match Drawn
The Lee 1st XI 139/3 Chalfont St. G. 2n 138/10 5 02-Jun-2018 DIV2 The Lee 1inn The Lee 1st XI Win by 7 wkts
Ruislip Victoria 2 73/10 Winchmore Hill 1st 76/0 4 26-May-2018 DIV2 RAF Vin 1inn Winchmore Hill 1st XI Win by 10 wkts
Knotty Green CC - 258/6 Holyport 2nd XI 160/10 4 26-May-2018 DIV2 Knotty 1inn Knotty Green CC - 2nd XI Win by 98 runs
Chalfont St. G. 2n 184/4 Ruislip Victoria 2 183/10 3 19-May-2018 DIV2 Chalfont 1inn Chalfont St. G. 2nd XI Win by 6 wkts
Denham 2nd XI 224/4 Knotty Green CC - 223/8 3 19-May-2018 DIV2 Denham 1inn Denham 2nd XI Win by 6 wkts
Holyport 2nd XI 157/8 The Lee 1st XI 271/2 3 19-May-2018 DIV2 Holyport 1inn Match Drawn
Pinner 2nd XI 161/3 Winchmore Hill 1st 160/9 3 19-May-2018 DIV2 Pinner 1inn Pinner 2nd XI Win by 7 wkts
Knotty Green CC - 47/10 The Lee 1st XI 49/3 2 12-May-2018 DIV2 Knotty 1inn The Lee 1st XI Win by 7 wkts
Pinner 2nd XI Denham 2nd XI 20/1 2 12-May-2018 DIV2 Pinner 1inn No result
Ruislip Victoria 2 Holyport 2nd XI 18/1 2 12-May-2018 DIV2 RAF Vin 1inn No result
Winchmore Hill 1st 67/8 Chalfont St. G. 2n 2 12-May-2018 DIV2 Winchmor 1inn No result
Holyport 2nd XI 130/10 Pinner 2nd XI 128/10 1 05-May-2018 DIV2 Holyport 1inn Holyport 2nd XI Win by 2 runs
Denham 2nd XI Winchmore Hill 1st 1 05-May-2018 DIV2 Denham 1inn Denham 2nd XI Win (Winchmore Hill 1st XI forfeit)
Chalfont St. G. 2n 153/9 Knotty Green CC - 183/8 1 05-May-2018 DIV2 Chalfont 1inn Knotty Green CC - 2nd XI Win by 30 runs
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