Top Run Scores by Batting Position
All Matches, Division 3, 06-May-2017 to 09-Sep-2017
# Name Club Date Opposition Ground Grade Runs
1 Steve Mussell Penn & Tylers Green 13-May-2017 White Waltham 2nd XI White Waltham DIV3 136*
2 H Quinn The Lee 05-Aug-2017 Winchmore Hill 1st X Winchmore Hill DIV3 120
3 Mason,Chris Penn & Tylers Green 03-Jun-2017 Pinner 1st XI Pinner DIV3 92*
4 Hari Ramachandran Pinner 03-Jun-2017 Penn & Tylers 2nd XI Pinner DIV3 121
5 Ollie Heath Harpsden 27-May-2017 Winchmore Hill 1st X Harpsden DIV3 104*
6 Plested,P Chalfont St. Giles 08-Jul-2017 Penn & Tylers 2nd XI Chalfont St. Giles DIV3 115*
7 Shokat,I Denham 27-May-2017 Braywood 2nd XI Denham DIV3 83
8 Harry Hutt The Lee 02-Sep-2017 Pinner 1st XI Pinner DIV3 68
9 Umar Islam Little Marlow 05-Aug-2017 Harpsden 2nd XI Little Marlow DIV3 70
10 Ravi Pandya Pinner 24-Jun-2017 White Waltham 2nd XI Pinner DIV3 46
11 Daniel Langan Pinner 26-Aug-2017 Denham 1st XI Denham DIV3 17*
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